Choosing the Right Hazmat Supplies for Your Needs

Handling hazardous materials can be just that — hazardous — especially if you’re not fully confident in what you’re doing or what you’re wearing. The volatile and dangerous chemicals that can be a part of a hazardous materials breach are not your everyday cleaning chemicals or even on the same scale as those used in science labs. A simple missed step in your protection procedures can cause your life or those of your team to be in serious danger. It’s exceptionally important to follow all cautions and find the right hazmat supplies for your particular needs before entering a perilous situation.

Always Be Prepared

The Boy Scout motto is a good one when it comes to dangerous chemicals and the potential of spills. Having the right hazmat supplies and clothing on hand before an accident occurs allows you to quickly leap into action and secure the area before it becomes more dangerous for others. Depending on your situation, you may need to prepare for solid, liquid or gas leaks and all personnel should have the correct training before coming into contact with any chemicals.

Stay Ventilated

Access to fresh air during a spill is one of the most important items to keep in mind. If you’re in a closed location, depending on your spill you may need to contain the spill in an approved hazmat container or utilize a biohazard cleanup and disposal unit. Keeping personnel protected is the highest priority, and that could mean either opening windows and fully ventilating dangerous fumes until they are dispersed or quickly putting the material under wraps until it can be carefully disposed of properly. Often, a material that is not particularly difficult to manage in a large open space or outdoors quickly become an issue if you encounter a spill in a small or enclosed space.

Protect Yourself

While they may not be the most attractive option, hazmat supplies including protective clothing can be a lifesaver in case of a chemical spill. At Clean Coast Supply, we handle an exceptional range of protective coveralls from Tychem, Kleenguard, Proshield and Tyvek as well as rainwear, sleeves and aprons. Ensuring that you have the right protective clothing available anytime you’re around unsafe or unstable chemicals can mean the difference between serious disfigurement or damage to your lungs or skin and death. Stay fully protected from a variety of materials with our ChemMax 1 Coverall from Lakeland.

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