A glimpse over Anavar cycle for Men and Women

Anavar is simple words is to women what testosterone laden steroid is for men. The only difference you can find betwixt the two is that the former helps in shredding down the extra fat from the body while the latter helps in intense muscular gain and body building.  Anavar is a fat burning compound that though is illegal but it is used by the people all over the world in order to bring down weight.

Anavar supplement is mostly preferred by women because of the “mildness” in the nature of the steroid. So much that at times it`s also referred to as the “Girl Steroid”.  It`s also known as Oxandrolone (which is the prime effective hormone present in the steroid).  Coming to the anavar cycle, it is used by both sexes for cutting and bulking purposes and this is perhaps one of the biggest reasons why this supplement is such a sensation amidst fitness enthusiasts.

Anavar cycle for bulking purposes

Since anavar is an oral anabolic steroid that serves both the ends i.e. provides a lean mass as well as helps in bulking, it can be used for bulking in the off season. It`s also known as the growth phase and men can use it to make their body heavier or bulkier. Any mass that`s produced with the help of anavar steroid will be a lean tissue and it`s very important. Since men only use this steroid for growing or bulking purposes, the bulking cycle is for gaining mass is defined for them.

But at the same time, men should also mark that this steroid doesn’t help drastically in adding mass to the body. Only if it is consumed in high dosage amount will it bring add mass in the body.


Without the slightest of doubt, anavar for women would work tremendously since it is basically made for women only. Women mostly are into shredding up of weight and they get this by following the anavar cycle for women. Regarding the complete anavar cycle, you can refer to A.

Most of the women, who plan their anavar cycles, generally start with the 10-20 mg initially and gradually they enhance their intake. This cycle of shredding weight generally lasts for 6 weeks. Some women also start off with more than 20 mg but that`s not usually recommended or even a wise attempt. For beginners, women must always consult a doctor or fitness expert who would guide her in following or planning up her anavar cycle. Wrong consumption or high dosages of this steroid can be detrimental to organs of the body too. To know more about anavar visit

For Cutting down fat

The anavar cycle for cutting is used by men and women in their dieting phase when they are aspiring for a completely ripped body.  One must also keep in mind that it`s not a steroid that would be strong as Trenbolone or Eequipoise. Anavar is mild in nature and it`s because of this that it`s highly preferred for women. There are steroids or fat burning supplements available in the market that are very strong and their dosage is also monitored so that they do lead to any casualties in the body. So, for men starting with 50-80 mg per day is a safe limit and they can use this dosage amount initially.