Certain Situations when You Have to Think of Window Replacement

If your house could talk to you, it would have been much easier to make changes when they become due. Unfortunately, that is not the case; therefore, you have to be proactive and need to look for signs suggesting that your house needs some help. Thankfully, you can easily notice signs showing that it is time for window replacement. It is true that well-maintained, high quality windows could last more than 20 years, but they will eventually need help. If your windows are about 10 years old, you may seriously think of having them replaced. It is important to pay attention to certain signs to know if you need to replace your windows or some repairing will do. For instance:

  • They are damaged or broken. If your windows have broken, warped, or damaged, you can certainly have them replaced. However, if the problem is minor, you may consider repairing it instead of replacing your entire window. In case your window sonly need new hardware or weather stripping, you will be better off having them repaired. It is better to replace a warped, damaged, or broken window frame or sash. Repairing it would not increase its life. Moreover, you may have to replace your windows if they are drafty, they fog up, or stick when you try to close or open them.
  • They are adding up to your energy bills. That is again the case when you may think of replacing your windows. This usually happens when you have drafty windows – they can increase your energy bills by up to 25%. You can buy energy-efficient windows and install them in place of your older windows to reduce your heating and cooling bills. Sometimes, you need windows tailored to your climate and specific needs, so be sure to consider what works best for you.
  • They do not go well with the interior of your home. If you have changed the interior of your home or you are considering a makeover, it may be a good idea to replace your windows at the same time. If your windows are warping or the color looks faded, replacing them may certainly help enhance the curb appeal of your home. This may also be a good time to move from a fixed sash window to a different window. This will help improve airflow inside your home and create a more styling interior as well.
  • They have just witnessed a severe storm. This is also the situation when you will be better off replacing your windows instead of repairing them. A severe storm can affect the structure of your windows. A simple repair may not make them any safer or securer. Similarly, if you live in a coastal area, your windows humidity and sea salt can damage your windows. In this case, you can replace your existing windows with the ones made with fibreglass. These windows can withstand extreme temperatures and resist corrosion as well.

The fact of the matter is that repairing your windows may work in some cases, but that is not going to work all the time. Do not try to repair it if you know there is a need for window replacement.