Checklist for buying used cars in Bangalore

Buying a new car may seem like an ultimate dream for many of us but what eventually matters is the cost of the car. Generally, buyers have no idea how much money they can save by just buying a used car. Used cars are not bad after all. But a very important process is to check for the proper working of the car before making a buying decision. Here is a used car buying guide Bangalore that illustrates the biggest benefits of buying a used car:

Electronic components and Batteries

If you do not have these working in place, you are sure going to fail your driving. It is highly important to check for all electronic components whether the AC is functioning well or not. Also important is to check for Engine Oil cap – you can open the engine oil cap and check for any oil sludge.

For checking the batteries, you can check if there is any kind of acid wear and tear around the battery area. If there is a leak, it means that the car has not been properly maintained. After you test-drive the car, you can park your car on a cleaner surface and check after 30 minutes, if there are any prominent signs of oil leak from gearbox or engine area.

Give special attention to the engine

Usually, the engines purr and will not make any knocking noises, so mark for these symptoms while checking for the working of the car. Try applying the brakes at 30-50 kms and check if the car stops in the straight line.

These are some of the most important things to check on in the car while looking to buy a used car. There are other things to check like wheel condition, exhaust, steering, etc. that a professional mechanic can help you with.