Cyber Alert In Ukraine After Hackers Wipe Thousands of Computers

Ukraine is known for many things, and some of them have destroyed its image on the international level. One such thing is frequent cyber attacks which are carried out from time to time from this country. Over the years, the international market has suffered huge losses due to these hacking attempts. One such incident was brought to light when a group of hackers hacked into thousands of computers and 60 different countries and stole crucial information like bank account details, credit card numbers, etc. of many individuals.

Investigation Team Deployed By The Government

The government doesn’t want to take any risk this time, which is why it has already deployed a team of skilled investigators who are looking into this matter closely and trying to figure out a way to catch all the culprits involved in this operation. During the investigation, it was unveiled that the hackers her moved about £8000 worth of bitcoins from one of their accounts to an unknown account. After digging into this matter, officials also found out that this was the same account which hackers used to use for accepting payments in the past.

Along with the transfer pieces of evidence, the investigation team came across a message written by one of the hackers. The message read that the group of hackers was ready to pick up all the computers which got affected by the cyber attack. In return, all they want is a one-time payment of £200,000. The government has not yet accepted this demand due to obvious reasons.

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Experts claim that this demand is just to drive all the attention away from the main issue which was but to create a massive distress in the country by taking down its IT system. Hackers wanted to create a panic situation by stealing personal and financial information of individuals. However, now they just want to cover up for their crime.

Government officials have assured all the victims that the culprits behind this crime will be caught soon. More updates on this matter will be released as soon as the officials find any other evidence.