Five Advantages of Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is defined as a means of visual communication. Very popular with modern companies, this visual communication system has some disadvantages, but also many advantages.

If you are the owner or manager of a business, you know how important meetings can be for the smooth running of your business. Just a few years ago, bringing together your employees, colleagues and clients in various cities or around the globe could be complicated, if not impossible. But nowadays, there’s nothing simpler with web conferencing and conferencing services. This article reveals five benefits of video conferencing.

1. Save Time and Money

Every time you use the conference call or video conference to carry out your meetings, you save time and money. Think of it: no room rental, lodging, meals … Not to mention all the money saved and the time you earn by avoiding the journeys from point A to point B!

2. A Golden Opportunity to Consolidate Your Industrial Relations

Because it’s quick and easy to establish a remote conference, your business relationships become easier to manage. For example, from Montreal to Quebec, a conference call or video conference will soon improve interactivity and strengthen the ties between your team members.

3. Technology That Maximizes Efficiency and Productivity

From the moment you and your customers, suppliers and employees no longer have to travel to discuss, your business can be able to increase its efficiency and productivity tenfold. In addition, studies have shown that participants in video conferences are more attentive than those who take part in face to face meetings. In this case, the technology seems to have a comfortable and enjoyable pulling effect that seduces the majority.

4. A Gesture for the Environment

Among the benefits of teleconferencing and video conferencing, there is one that directly concerns the actions to be taken to preserve our planet. Be aware that by avoiding travel to attend your company meetings, you contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gases (GHGs), these polluting gases that are produced especially by cars and airplanes. Remember that every step counts!

5. A Way to Overcome Stress

Finally, teleconferencing or video conferencing is a great way to reduce much of the stress and anxiety attributable to organizing a meeting (room reservation, equipment rental …) as well as transport problems (displacement, traffic jams, mechanical breakage, etc.).

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