Keto Diet: Tips You Should Know

Do you know about the ketogenic diet? This form of diet that takes fat as a source of energy for the body instead of carbohydrate. Keto diet Bangalore in obesity is said to be useful for weight loss, but also to improve endurance among athletes. But do you know that it has been around for almost 100 years and was invented to help people with epilepsy? Here is are some tips you should know:

Tips For Better Living The Transition Phase To The Ketogenic

From the first days of your diet, consume an ox or chicken broth every night, for a week to ten days. You can drink more to warm up your body. For a while, put more salt in your food. Eat more high-salt foods, such as pickled vegetables.

From Junk Food To Ketogenic Diet

It would be counterproductive to try to move from a highly unbalanced diet, with lots of sugars, soft drinks, foods high in carbohydrates and trans fats to a diet as drastic as a ketogenic diet. The symptoms of body detoxification would be difficult to bear, similar to detoxification. As crazy as it may seem, some forms of foods including sugar can have the effect of a hard drug. To switch to the ketogenic diet in these cases, start by replacing sugar-sweetened beverages with water and fruit and greatly reduce glucose-rich foods. After a few weeks of moderation, you can then embark on the adventure.

Before Starting The Ketogenic Diet

Ready to lose weight and be healthier? As said just before, if your eating habits were very unbalanced, start with a basic dietary rehab. Replace the processed food with healthy foods and stop nibbling on sweets. Before starting the diet, get rid of all those foods that are so tempting and so bad for your health. If they are in front of you, every day, you will limit enormously the chances of getting over them. If you do not live alone, negotiate a consensus. Whatever you cannot get removed from the house kitchen, make sure they are stored in a closet, a refrigerator drawer away from your notice.