Looking for Crane Rentals in Prince George? Three Questions to Ask Their References

When you are looking for crane rentals in Prince George, there are many elements you need to look at when you are deciding which company to rent from. One element is what the references the company provides you with have to say about the company. Unfortunately, most people do not know what questions to ask to get honest and useful feedback from these references. Here are three questions that you will want to ask a crane rental company’s references when you are looking for one to rent from. 

Were you Charged the Quoted Price?

When you are speaking to the reference from a crane rentals in Prince George company, always be sure to ask them if the price they were quoted was the price they were charged. In some instances, jobs get delayed because of rain or weather elements. In these situations, it is understandable that the job took longer and the quoted price increased. But in other situations, there is no reason for the increase. Avoid companies who underbid the job just to get your business. 

Did the Crane and Operator Show Up on Time?

Another important question to ask the reference is whether the crane and the crane operator showed up to your jobsite when they were supposed to. You have likely rented a crane on a specific day or time because that is when you need it for your construction project. The last thing you may want is delays because the crane or the crane operator showed up late. Asking this question allows you to feel out how timely the company is. 

Would You Use This Company Again?

The question you want to ask a reference when you are looking to obtain crane rentals in Prince George is whether they would use the company again. When they give their reason, ask them why they would or would not use that company. This will give you insight into how satisfied the reference was with the crane operator, the service they performed and the overall process of working with the company. You want to find a company that has people who rave about them and would gladly use them again. If people don’t want to use a company again, you may find yourself dissatisfied with the company for the same reasons as them. 

When you are trying to find crane rentals in Prince George, it is always important to ask the rental company for references who have used their service before. Taking the time to check out their references will help you find a reputable company who arrives on time and sticks to their estimate as closely as possible.