Popular Dan Beautiful Places to Visit in Denpasar

One of the most popular destinations for tourism in the world is Bali that offers the perfect harmony of modernity and traditional beauty of Bali. Denpasar is the capital city of Bali that offers many places to visit in Denpasar. There are many things to do in Denpasar and will make your holiday becomes more attractive and unforgettable. You can enjoy the landscape of Bali and also learn about the culture as well as the historical background of Bali. Temples, museum, monument, and recreational places will be easily found in Denpasar. The nuance of traditional Balinese allows you to feel different vacation experience.

If you plan to have vacation in Bali, here you can try to visit some places to visit in Denpasar Bali which are popular and beautiful.

  • Sanur Beach

Sanur beach is the most popular place to visit in Denpasar. Here you can enjoy the fresh air of beach with many accommodations to complete your vacation. There are hotels, resorts, restaurants, shops, bars and many things.

  • Shark Island

One of the most attractive and unique destination that can be found in Denpasar is shark Island in Serangan. You can find many sharks in this place and you can swim with the sharks. This is home for injured sharks or sharks that accidentally caught by fisherman. They will care here before released to the sea.

  • Sakenan Temple

Local people call it as PuraSakenan which has important role for Hindu in Bali. This temple located in Serangan Island that becomes one favorite places to visit in Denpasar. In this place, the visitor can enjoy the traditional nuance and Balinese architecture with beautiful surrounding view.

  • Le Mayeur

Le Mayeur is a popular museum in Denpasar that offers works of popular painter in Bali, Le Mayeur. This museum also becomes the house of artist himself and his wife before his death. The building of the museum is stunning as well as the artwork that displayed in the museum.

  • BajraSandhi

BajraSandhi is a monument built in 1987. It is located in Denpasar city that build for the Balinese people in the struggle for independence. It preserves Balinese cultures, history and the journey of Bali. There are many facilities available in this place to support the accommodation of this temple.

  • Mangrove Forest

Mangrove forest is also becomes one of popular places to visit in Denpasar that will offer beautiful landscape. You can spend your time to walk leisurely through the wooden tracks to see the beautiful view in the large mangrove forest. It is located in jalanBaypassNgurahRai.

  • Turtle Conservation and Education Center

This place becomes house for sea turtle to be protected and cared. Later this place can attract many visitors to get closer to the sea turtle, to play and to learn how to care for sea turtle.

Well, there are many places you can visit in Denpasar as the destination to vacation. The places offer various experience in vacation from history, culture and modernity. If you want to get the best experience in vacation, you can try any places to visit in Denpasar and feel the beauty of traditional Balinese nuance.