The Strongest Supplements You Might Not Have Known About

Like all things, supplements also come in many different strengths; some are mild with only little effect while others are very strong and may have strong side effects and benefits as well. Here are five of the most powerful steroids used by athletes at the highest level. There are substances you do not play with, and just top athletes, who need excessive levels of force, dare to mix with them, being steroid for strength and speed.

Testosterone Suspension

Testosterone is the basis of any cycle of steroids, and when it comes to increasing power as much as possible, the testosterone suspension is king. No other form of testosterone can compare to the suspension. And that’s because of the speed at which it works. There is no ester to delay its release into the blood. Pure testosterone is suspended in water. Muscle growth is spectacular, but the level of power increases at an accelerated pace, so those who embrace it feel like Hercules.

Anapolon 50

It is one of the most popular oral steroids. It is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. It is among the most used substances by the most powerful athletes. First, increases in force occur rapidly. Seeing athletes who increase their pushing by 15kg in 10 days is not unusual. This leads to very fast retention and water, and many hits by force because it increases their advantage of being bigger, so the race to get to the chest with dumbbells is smaller. Another feature of Anapolon is that it increases the number of red blood cells, which increases muscle formation and endurance formation.


It is a popular steroid among the strongest athletes in Europe. It’s an expensive and hard-to-buy steroid (that is, its quality varies). That’s why many replace it with Anapolon 50.

Trenbolon acetate

Trenbolone is known from the bodybuilding stage but is also used in strength sports. It’s three times more androgenic than testosterone, so it’s a gold mine for strength athletes. Nor does it lead to water retention.


It is an oral steroid, known mostly as Control Drops. It is a veterinary steroid for cats. It is not a known steroid outside of power, where it is used long before competitions. And when one says ‘before the competition’, it means also a little before going to the bar! Check Drops turns you into a beast in minutes! This will increase your aggressiveness to an extreme level, and aggression is a key component in lifting power. Bodybuilders do not use this steroid; other power sports like MMA and boxing do.