Worth revealing confident qualities of Nandrolone

Nandrolone is identified as one of the most popular anabolic steroids and ever since it has been manufactured, it continues to remain an excessive powerful performance-enhancing compound. This medication is well-known for its numerous therapeutic uses. This medication copies the traits of the hormone testosterone. In men, this hormone gets manufactured in the testes. Testosterone is also available in women’s ovaries as well as in the adrenal gland but in little quantities. Nandrolone can easily get attached to every ester but generally, you will find it in esters Decanoate and Phenylpropionate. It is an excellent off-season bulking compound for many steroid users.

As this medication possesses high therapeutic benefits, it is utilized for various medical purposes. This compound has got both anabolic and androgenic properties and it is identical to testosterone but the 19th carbon position of this compound has been altered which differentiates this medication from testosterone. The anabolic ranking of this compound is greater compared to testosterone but the androgenic rating is lesser than testosterone. The androgenic rating of testosterone is 100 whereas it has got a ranking of only 37 and due to the lessened androgenic properties; it is converted to dihydronandrolone instead of dihydrotestosterone.

Dosages for bodybuilding purposes

When you wish to utilize this medication for your bodybuilding needs, then before you start taking it you must be aware of the correct dosages. It is particularly important as a physician would never prescribe this medication for bodybuilding purposes and improper dosages can lead to severe side effects. However, there are many bodybuilding websites where the correct dosages and different options regarding cycling this compound are given but they sometimes differ from each other. This medication possesses a lengthy half-life of 12-14 days which is why you aren’t required to inject the drug every day.

The dosages range from 200-600mg per week and that should be taken from 8-12 weeks. The duration of dosages is largely dependent on your individual needs. However, the official dosages of this medication are quite low. They are 50-100mg every 3 or 4 weeks that ought to be taken for 3 months. Further, you are always advised not to take this medication beyond the suggested time-period as it can turn dangerous to your health. When you decide to buy this compound, you can buy it from the black market dealers. However, buying from them is not only unlawful, but they also sometimes contain expired or unhygienic products that additionally turn out to be unhealthy.

Precautions that shouldn’t be ignored

Though this medication has huge benefits, some people should keep themselves away from this medication. If a man has been suffering from carcinoma of either the breast or the prostate he shouldn’t take this medication. A pregnant woman or a nursing mother should be forbidden from taking this compound. Additionally, a patient suffering from hepatic, cardiac or renal problems too shouldn’t take this medication. Anabolic steroids can cause cholestatic jaundice and so caution is highly required. The best part of this medication is that its side effects can be controlled largely. Because of very low androgenic features, it is converted to dihydronandrolone and due to this quality; it is one among the very few well-tolerated drugs